Last week, we noted that the early Church was formed by the proclamation of God’s Word.  Thisis not new to the New Testament.  Already, in Genesis 1, we read how God spoke and male and female were created. God’s very words are creative, they bring life! Yet, it is not life in the singular. It is life in community.

In Acts 2, we see a community formed where a people are now gathering, devoting themselves to the apostle’s teaching, fellowship, and to the breaking of bread and prayer (2:42).  We are then told that, “all who believed were together, and held all things in common” (2:44).

The rest of the New Testament will speak in to this life together. At times, the apostlescorrect wrong thinking, attitudes and behaviours which tend to tear community apart (James 2:1-7).  Other times, the apostles encourage the church to increase in this life together (1 Peter 4:8-10).  Paul drives home this thought in 1 Corinthians as he reminds the church that we are members of one body (1 Corinthians 12:12).

When God rescues us from sin, he places us in community or in a family.  We are not islands. We are made for community!

Community Grace must be known as a family.